Tarka Dal

Rinse the Chana dal and boil in lots of water for ten minutes until scummy foam forms. Tip the water out and rinse again, washing away the starchy, unappealing scum.

Boil again, in lots of fresh water, until the dal is mushed up and only a few whole lentils are visible. This takes anywhere from half an hour to an hour. Add more water if the dal is drying out and starting to spit and explode everywhere. Aim for a pourable, glossy, mostly smooth smush.

Make a chaunk (curry tempering). This is the tarka part of tarka dal. Add lots of sliced garlic and the red onion and fry until golden and slightly burnt around the edges.

Pour the tempering over the cooked dal and mix. Add some chopped coriander and serve immediately.

1st September 2017

Category: Recipes