Spiced cauliflower fritters

Make a light chaunk (curry tempering) with cumin and mustard seeds, turmeric, chopped fresh red chilli, sliced garlic and a diced shallot.

Cut the cauliflower up into florets and boil until tender. Chop and mash roughly into small pieces.

Into a cooled chaunk (curry tempering) add the cauliflower and some chopped coriander.

In a bowl mix the eggs, a couple of pinches of salt and enough flour to make a smooth, stiffish batter. Pour into the cauliflower and spices and combine well.

Get a frying pan on the go and add a touch of oil. Add half a ladle-full of the cauliflower mixture to the pan, enough to form a fritter about a centimeter thick and five centimeters in diameter. Make as many fritters as mixture you have for.

Fry them gently for a few minutes on each side. The fritters will turn golden, slightly crispy on the outside and cooked, but still moist, on the inside.

This recipe is a take on Yotam Ottolenghi's cauliflower fritters.

1st September 2017

Category: Recipes