• Aubergine, feta, parsley garlic oil and pine nuts

    Burnt smoky auberginesFeta cheeseparsley and garlic oilPine nuts After peeling the burnt smoky aubergines, cut in half lenghways and lay the two halves side-by-side, spatchcock style. Toast the pine nuts in a dry frying pan for a couple of minutes until ...

    5th June 2017

  • Cubed salty roast potatoes

    PotatoesOlive oilSea saltYour choice of flavourings It's hard to get this one wrong. Cut the potatoes up into small cubes and dump in a baking tray. Add olive oil, enough to coat each cube and sprinkle with quite a bit ...

    5th June 2017

  • Poached eggs and tomatoes with parsley garlic oil on toast

    Fresh eggsCrusty breadParsley and garlic oilCherry tomatoesSalad leaves (peppery ones like rocket and watercress work well) Put a few cherry tomatoes in a hot oven with a little olive oil, vinegar and salt until they're soft and the juices are ...

    5th June 2017

  • Parsley and garlic oil

    This sauce keeps well in the fridge and just gets better with time. Try making it the day before. With time, the garlic mellows a little and the parsley adds a gorgeous green tint. Bunch of fresh flat-leaf parsley2 cloves ...

    5th June 2017

  • Basic tomato sauce

    2 tins of chopped tomatoes1 red onionA couple of cloves of garlicBalsamic vinigarOlive oilHerbes de ProvenceSalt and pepper Tinned tomatoes remind me of the 'vegetable' accompaniment I used to receive at school lunch time. They were horrid, but only because ...

    5th June 2017

  • Burnt smoky aubergines

    Aubergines have to be picked at the right time and still be relatively fresh by the time they're used. You can spot an over-ripe aubergine from its loss of lustre, tough, wrinkled appearence and the large amount of visibly matured ...

    5th June 2017