I'm a London-based Web Developer specialising in Responsive Web Design, HTML and CSS.

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    Self-hosting a blog: A Why and a How To

    TL;DR: Buy a domain and host one's blog away from companies with Terms of Service agreements for "acceptable content". ...

    1st June 2019

  • Tag dig

    Tah Dig (Persian Rice)

    I finally got around to trying a different rice cooking technique and I'm immediately converted. It's actually a little annoying ...

    6th September 2017

  • Butternut squash, carrot and ginger soup

    Butternut squash4 carrots1 onionGarlicLarge hunk of gingerVegetable stock I made this the other day of lunch and it was so ...

    6th September 2017

  • Sausages, wine and mushrooms

    Quality sausagesShallotsGarlicVegetable stockRed wineFresh thyme, rosemary and bay leavesLarge flat mushroomsGrainy Dijon mustardWhole black peppercorns I've made this with veggie ...

    6th September 2017

  • Baked gnocchi with cream, spinach and ricotta

    Shredded red onionChopped garlicWhite wineDouble creamChopped parsleyGnocchiFresh spinachSalt and papper In a large saucepan fry the onion and garlic in ...

    6th September 2017

  • Green beans, ginger, sesame and chilli

    Green beans (Snap, String, Fine etc)Fresh gingerFresh red chilliesSesame seedsOilSalt Trim, then boil the green beans for a couple of ...

    6th September 2017

  • Spinach Dal

    Turn the heat off on the tarka dal and mix in fistfuls of ribbon-chopped fresh spinach. The spinach will wilt in the ...

    6th September 2017

  • Mustardy salad dressing

    Olive oilBalsmaic vinegarGrainy Dijon mustardSalt and pepper Pour equal amounts of oil and vinegar into a jar. Add a teaspoon ...

    6th September 2017

  • Sumac chicken skewers

    Sumac's beautiful deep red flecks and tangy, astringent, slightly bitter taste works brilliantly with chicken. Perfect for the barbecue. Chicken ...

    6th September 2017

  • CSS

    Does__BEM — work?

    [Read on Medium, if you prefer] At work we make websites that share a common code base. All sites use ...

    5th September 2017

  • Bombay potatoes

    Chaunk (curry tempering)Peeled boiled potatoesFresh mint Make a chaunk (curry tempering) with whatever you have to hand, though mustard seeds and turmeric ...

    1st September 2017

  • Fennel with wine and cream

    Fennel bulbButterOlive oilDouble creamWhite wineBay leafSalt and pepper Get a large frying pan on the heat with a generous amount ...

    1st September 2017

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